Particulate Technology

Particulate uses a combination of existing methods to help customers measure, identify and quantify particles in the surrounding environment.

The technology can be used in air and water, and will improve detection and response time for environmental monitoring.


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A combination of online and very accurate measurements gives our product an advantage on the market. The first prototype will be produced and tested in 2017, with a view to first unit sales in 2018.

Data Analysis

Signals from each individual particle will be compared to a library of known particle signals using principal component analysis.


Continued use and testing will expand the library allowing for identification of more particles.

Latest News:



09 September 2016: Particulate awarded a new research project by the Regional Research Council. Read more about it here.


02 September 2016:

Particulate staff Odd Ketil and Hans returned from a visit to our partners MSE Enterprise with some great new results.


22 August 2016:

We've expanded! Particulate is excited to have Hans Rosendahl join the research and development team.

The Particulate research and development team.